"Feel like you’re a backup dancer in the latest Beyonce video"

- Gym Jumper


Dance Cardio Plus is a fun, total body workout that combines high energy, easy to follow dance cardio routines + body sculpting exercises. You'll tighten and tone your abs, arms, legs and booty and burn tons of calories dancing to the best hip hop and top 40 hits.

CEO and Founder of Dance Cardio Plus, Elizabeth Thuvanuti has trained in dance since childhood, studying ballet, jazz, hip hop and classical Thai dance. She’s performed on TV variety shows in Thailand in addition to various concerts and music videos. Elizabeth also served as the Director of the Dance Organization of Boston College and trained under Katherine Greiner at The Movement.

After undergoing major abdominal surgery, Elizabeth turned to dance and fitness to slowly regain her strength. This led her to develop her new company and workout, Dance Cardio Plus. Through DCP, Elizabeth hopes to help others step out of their comfort zone and surprise themselves with what they can achieve.